Renowned Guest Speakers
Enjoy one our esteemed, often famous, guest lecturers who might be a historian, naturalist or former ambassador eager to share insider knowledge. Many of our renowned guest speakers, as well as our own destination services managers, share their expertise and offer insight into the history and culture of the fascinating ports of call you are exploring.

Culinary Demonstrations
Join our executive chef and our onboard culinary staff for a special gourmet experience. Not just for expert chefs and cooking enthusiasts, these demonstrations are sure to help even the newest culinary students learn the joys of cooking. Marina and Riviera take the onboard culinary experience one step further with The Culinary Center, the first custom-designed, hands-on cooking school at sea. Here you can learn to prepare a variety of exquisite dishes at your own workstation in a state-of-the-art culinary studio. Master Chefs from around the world will offer guidance and fine-tune your techniques, but you will actually prepare the dishes yourself. It’s the ultimate way to learn and truly absorb every step of each recipe, especially since at select ports you can accompany the chefs while shopping for ingredients ashore at local markets.

Artistic Inspirations
Nothing preserves the memories of your fantastic Oceania Cruises vacation like a handmade keepsake. Classes in arts such as painting, sketching and making collages help you master a new skill or develop a hobby that will last a lifetime. Onboard MarinaRiviera, and Insignia, Artist Loft provides a dedicated facility where talented artists-in-residence teach classes and offer step-by-step instruction.


Explore the intimate ships catering to just 684 or 1,250 guests and see yourself visiting seaside villages that large ships cannot access.

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20-night South American Explorer Voyage 02/14/2024from $8,299

21-night Outrigger's Paradise Voyage02/29/2024from $6,949

25-night Atlantic Entree to Europe Voyage03/27/2024from $6,899

11-night Dreams of Britain Voyage04/22/2024from $4,649

24-night Ivory to Iberia Voyage05/21/2024from $8,199

10-night Aegean & Adriatic Vistas Voyage06/19/2024from $4,599

10-night North Sea Escapade Voyage07/13/2024from $3,899

10-night Yachts & Palaces Voyage08/14/2024from $4,299

7-night Picturesque Rivieras Voyage09/04/2024from $2,349

27-night Cultural Constellation Voyage09/23/2024from $9,599

11-night Autumnal Allure Voyage10/17/2024from $4,299

16-night Beyond the Panama Canal Voyage12/23/2024from $4,149

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Considering the uncompromising quality, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of an Oceania Cruises voyage is its incredible value.

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